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Big Time Thinking Podcast Episode 18 People Skills Part 2 with Terry MacCauley from Big Time Advertising

Big Time Thinking Podcast Episode 18 People Skills Part 2 with Terry MacCauley from Big Time Advertising

Part 2 of last week’s Big Time Thinking podcast on people skills. In this episode, Terry dives even further into his thoughts on developing essential people skills. Reminding us that 85% of our career success is determined by our use of people skills.

Relating to others

Relating to others is a key skill. And part of that is having a well-rounded personality. Well, how do you develop that? Well, many ways. Experience is a major factor. Experiencing life creates many learning opportunities. From travel, family, and education.  But while experience is vital you don’t necessarily have to be experienced in something to understand it or show empathy to someone who has.

Communication Skills

This is key as well, and it will help you with the ability to relate to others as well. First, as mentioned before being able to show empathy and have respect for others. When a customer comes into to buy they may not be ready to buy at that exact moment. That doesn’t mean they are a bad lead, or they can’t afford what your selling. They may just not be ready right now. Buying a vehicle is a big purchase. Respect how hard they have to work to save enough money to come in and buy from you. And if you treat them with respect, they are likely to come back to you when they are ready. Learn to be patient and trust people. It is a virtue after all.

Show Compassion 

Everything is not black and white. You never know what just happened to that customer before they walked through the door. They could be having the worst day of their lives or the best. Point is you don’t know.  So, stop dehumanizing people.

Leadership Skills

Lastly, leadership skills are absolutely crucial to developing people skills. First, you don’t need to be in charge to be a leader and to step up and get things done. But, what makes a good leader? Good judgment and a level head. You have to be able to make good decisions when the time comes. Good leaders are also able to adapt to the situation. Don’t be one of those people who say, “Well that’s just the way we’ve always done it”. Things changes, people change, and the world changes. So, will your customers. You need to adapt to climate, but you need to do so with good judgment. Be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is a force multiplier and essential to developing your leadership and people skills. And lastly, have good manners. If you don’t know what good manners are, then look it up and practice. It will make others develop respect for you and you’ll be perceived as a professional. 

The Wrap Up

So, remember, developing people skills is vital to your career success. Develop your communication skills, show compassion, and work on developing leadership skills.

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Big Time Thinking Episode 17: People Skills Part 1

People skills are essential in the road to the sale. Communicating properly with the customer is key. In part 1 of this 2-part Big Time Thinking podcast. Terry talks about a few of the simple things that can be done to improve our people skills and our business.

Eighty-five percent of your business and career success is based on your ability to use great people skills. With a stat like that, it’s clear that this is something that needs to be developed to grow your business and dealership. So here are some of Terry’s tips to improve this crucial selling tool to help grow dealership.

First, drop the gadgets. Technology while being a wonderful thing. Has made it that people skills have become eroded. When you’re with a customer. Leave the phone alone. When they are talking to you they notice. By picking up the phone while they are talking creates the impression that them and what they have to say isn’t important. You just lost your customer.

Make it about your customers not about us. Listen to what they need. This plays right into being an active listener. Don’t just wait for your turn to talk. Give fewer speeches. Really listen to what they want and need that way you can provide them with outstanding personal service. Ask questions to engage the customer and hang on to every word. Really listen to what the customer says.

And lastly, use professional language. Don’t fall into curse words or the trending slang at the time. Avoid politics and religion. And just be a straightforward professional who cares about the customers’ wants and needs. Use proper tone and inflections in your voice, give the customer affirmations that you are listening.

I promise if you take these to heart not only will you scale your business and dealership. You’ll see better reviews, customers will remember you as a very professional and had an amazing experience. It’s time to think Big Time.