Month: August 2018

Episode 15 : Motivation or Action First?

What comes first motivation or action?  This is a great question to ask yourself.  We all have heard the phrase, “When I get motivated I am going to…”  In this episode, Terry has given this very question some deep thought and he shares his insights into what truly comes first.

Episode 14 : White Glove Service

When we hear “White Glove Service” many of us have immediate visions of extreme wealth with butler service. In this episode special guest and General Manager Of Old Hickory Golf Club, Pete Christo, shares his perspective of what “white glove” service truly means for all of us.

Episode 12 : Company Culture

A great organization will never make it without a superior culture that is conducive to productivity and efficiency.  Miserable people produce miserable dealerships and results.  In this episode, Terry talks about ways to keep the culture without losing your mind.

Episode 11 : Daily One to One

Daily One-to-One meetings are an absolute must for any business that desires healthy, productive employees that have buy-in, to their dealership.  Too often these important daily meetings are put off or sadly do not happen at all ever.  This podcast will give great insight into why they are important and how best to guide these meetings.