Month: July 2018

Episode 10 : Fire Quickly

Without a doubt, one of the toughest tasks as a manager is firing an employee.  Developing the skill of letting people go from your dealership is one that must be developed.  Nobody wakes up with the goal of firing someone, but there are times when the decision must be made and made quickly.  In this episode, Terry shares his reasons why and what happens when we hold on to employees that should be fired.  Plus, he shares clear warning signs that an employee is not a great fit.

Episode 9 : Good Leads vs. Bad Leads vs. ALL LEADS

In this highly-animated episode, Terry brings the passion that helped him scale dealerships month over month.  Creating a culture that all leads are great leads and that more leads are always better than fewer leads is critical to the success of any dealership or business.  Metrics like lead conversions do indeed matter.  However, when an organization starts eliminating leads to have a higher lead conversion, they are headed down an unnecessary expensive dark black hole.  More leads are always better than fewer leads.

Episode 8 : First Impressions

First impressions are often lasting impressions.  Sadly, it does not matter if a first impression is accurate or not, it is an impression that can be controlled if desired.  In this episode, Terry shares his experience with first impressions, snap judgment and how they affect us in business and personal life.  Failure to understand the importance of a good first impression can lead to performance failure more often than any of us would like to admit.

Episode 7 : Advertising 101

In this podcast, Terry shares the absolute basics of advertising.  Everything starts here.  With these core fundamentals of advertising everything else will flow.  Advertising 101 will help anyone develop a big picture strategy for their business or brand.  Find out in this episode why “All Advertising Works” and put Big Time Thinking principles to work.

Episode 6 : Be a Leader

Becoming a leader is a skill and quality that we all can work to develop.  In this episode, Terry has his first podcast guest, Brad White.  Brad is his new Director of Sales for Big Time Advertising & Marketing.  He comes with 12 years of experience with the nationally recognized brand, J.D. Byrider.   Terry asks Brad to share his insight on what he has seen from the corporate side when visiting franchisees.  We learn that dealerships need more leaders and less managers.