Month: June 2018

Episode 5 : Serenity Prayer

What started as a sermon in 1934 by American Theologian Reinhold Niebuhr has become the popular wise prayer known as the Serenity Prayer.   In this episode, Terry shares how this has been his go-to prayer and thought the process for just about every important decision and/or experience in life.  The powerful 25 words are a great guide in business and life in a way that everyone could benefit. 

Episode 4 : 20-20-20

Every workday deserves your own 20-20-20.  Spending time on getting our mind right, learning about our industry, and developing a skill in your trade will always put you in a position to own your day. In this episode, Terry shares his daily morning routine that nobody interrupts.  Don’t let anyone get in the way of investing in what matters most, yourself.

Episode 3 : Don’t Be a Dick

Building rapport is a key step on the road to a sale that really should not need explanation.  Unfortunately, Terry has witnessed more and more sales representatives just blazing over building rapport.  In his unique direct way and approach, we are left with the simple advice of: “Don’t Be a Dick.”  Too often we think we might be “nice” and building rapport but in this podcast, we learn that this too is a skill that needs attention and development.

Episode 2 : Right From The Start

Getting everything “Right From The Start” literally sets the tone for everything that follows.  Terry gives some deserved background and kudos to those that have influenced his career and desire to succeed.  Incorporating his unique insights into envisioning success right from the start.